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Dubai Medical and Healthcare Directory is Dubai’s most innovative online Healthcare directory and yellow pages. Dubai Medical and Healthcare Directory provides comprehensive information on all healthcare services and stakeholders in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Medical Directory, online medical directory, hospitals, clinics, doctors, health and beauty, dentals, blood donor, medical supplies, online medical search, private clinics, medical, medical aid and pharmaceutical companies in Dubai, UAE.

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Dubai Healthcare and Medical Directory – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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The Dubai Medical Directory is the only healthcare portal that assists you to promote your products, and services hence increase your market share.

Dubai Hospitals Directory

Medical emergencies occur at an unexpected point in one’s life, and it is the hospital directory that people look into during such a tough situation. The directory also helps when you have just moved your home and you want to know about the nearby hospitals in your area. Some people use the directory to find one where treatment for a specific ailment is available.

When a medical emergency occurs at a place where you are new, instead of knocking the unknown neighbours’ door, you can browse the Internet for a nearby one. If you manage to find it with ambulance facility, nothing better than that. Most of the hospitals across the city send you an ambulance, once an emergency call is made to them.

A directory categorizes the hospitals based on their location and area of specialization. For instance, if you want to find children’s hospital at Dubai, just type “children’s hospital Dubai” in the search box provided in the directory page.

If it is not for an urgent medical need and you just want to know about it in your new location, you can judge which it is better by going through hospital reviews and ratings. You will know about the hospitals that hire only highly qualified practitioners.

The directories not only provide hospital information, but also give you access to tons of health and wellness articles, such as how to cure diabetes naturally, home treatment for acne, dental care for children, cancer treatment options

Dubai Doctors Directory

Dubai Doctors, Physicians and Surgeons Directory. Find medical doctors, physicians and surgeons in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Doctors, Physicians & Surgeons in Dubai, UAE. Locate Doctors, Physicians & Surgeons in Dubai with our directory of Dubai Doctors, Physicians & Surgeons reviews, coupons, maps, phone number, photos and information. Select a specialty first to narrow the list to doctors, physicians and surgeons in Dubai in their medical specialty. Or if you know the doctor’s name, you may search it from the search box above. Find a doctor in our Dubai Physician Directory and get information including the physician’s education, training, practice information, health insurance affiliations, patient reviews, and contact information. Finding a doctor has never been easier in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Medical and Healthcare Directory

Dubai Medical and Healthcare Directory – Medical Directory

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Directory

Dubai Cosmetic Surgeries Directory & Reviews  – Find the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Compare Prices, Read Honest Reviews And Contact Plastic Surgeons Today. Check prices and compare reviews of Dubai cosmetic surgery clinics. Find Dubai cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics.

Compare all plastic and cosmetic Surgeons in Dubai, with phone numbers, reviews, prices, maps and pictures. Dubai largest and only patient-reviewed Plastic Surgeon & Dermatologist Directory of its kind in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that enables patients to read valuable information about doctors and read real patient reviews of plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and related doctors they used. If you’ve already used a doctor, you can rate a specialist.

Dubai Dentists Directory

Dental Care & Dentists in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Dentists Directory is the most comprehensive directory to Dentists in Dubai, UAE. The Dubai Dentists Directory helps the public find Dentists  clinics in their Location and by  specialisation. It also helps Dentists promote their services to the public. You can easily find Dentists within a certain distance from your area using the map. The public can also find a Dentist by specialisation, such as Orthodontists or Paediatric Dentists. Dentists clinics can add a Feature Page describing their services, thereby providing more information to the public looking for a Dentist in their location and area of service. Feature Page Dentists can also be found by Qualities, such as Emergency Dentists and Dental Hygienist.

Find Endodontics (Root Canal), Esthetic Dentistry (Cosmetic Dentistry), General Dentistry, Geriatric Dentistry, Operative Dentistry, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics (Braces), Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontology, Prosthodontics (Dentures) and Temporomandibular Disorders (TMJ Problems).

Dubai Pregnancy & Maternity Directory

Dubai Pregnancy & Maternity Directory – Pregnancy, Maternity and Birth in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai pregnancy and maternity directory website is an up to date and extensive source of information on pregnancy, birth and parenting in Dubai, UAE. You’ll be able to find lots of information on midwifery care, pre-conception care, pregnancy, birth, waterbirth, homebirth, vaginal birth after caesarean, postnatal care and breastfeeding.

Providing a rich resource for families, midwives and other health professionals to explore options and make informed choices. Use Dubai Pregnancy, Birth directory to find private midwifery services, quality childbirth education and lactation consultations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Find practitioner directory of health professionals who specialise in pregnancy, birth, babies and/or parenting in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai Hair Treatment Directory

Dubai Hair Care & Hair Treatment Directory and Reviews . Hair Care & Hair Treatment in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The term ‘hair treatment’ is a very wide one, encompassing all manner of things: from the treatments people undertake to combat conditions like hair loss and similar clinically recognizable conditions, to the treatments that are undertaken for purely cosmetic purposes, like the hair blackening treatments for those who want their hair to remain black, but who are faced with the prospect of ‘hair graying’ due to old age, the hair treatments that aim at making otherwise hardy hair soft, and others of that ilk. Hair loss sufferers are always reminded to consult first with a registered Trichologist in Dubai before undergoing any hair treatment.

Many people visit the hair clinic of an expert professional hair and scalp doctor to find out the root cause of their problem. Finding the right hair clinic is your first step to enter the interesting world of scalp and hair treatment technology in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A prominent hair clinic offers consultation and treatments on any scalp and hair problem. Among the clinical services relate to male and female hair pattern baldness, patchy hair loss, thinning and falling hair, itchy scalp, scalp infections, dandruff problems, contact dermatitis, etc. It is essential for you to know that there is a confidentiality relationship between you as the patient and the medical doctor.

It also covers the staff in the hair clinic and they are not allowed to divulge any information about your visits to the clinic. Before you arrange an appointment with the trichologist, it is important for you to know how much you need to pay as consultation fee. The first counseling session covers an in-depth interview into your medical history centered on the scalp and hair problem. Many people are not aware that their problem may not be genetically caused. The symptomatic manifestations of scalp sensitivity and irritation could be triggered by recent stressful experience or traumatic causes. Other possible causes may be related to poor hygienic hair practices. The hair clinic is responsible in making a careful assessment after getting all the data they need about you.

There are various kinds of treatment available in Dubai for scalp and hair conditions ranging from hair transplants, scalp pigmentation technique, laser treatment and hair solutions, conditioners and shampoos. Some Hair clinics in Dubai usually carry and recommend to their patients hair treatment products. A reputable hair clinic should always provide an accurate estimate of the hair loss treatment costs before any treatment commences. This should also include the cost of on-going maintenance – which is often a factor overlooked by many clients. Any hair clinic unwilling to provide estimates or costs should be met with caution. Usually, a hair clinic will allow the client some ‘thinking time’ to digest the recommended form of treatment. Only once the client has agreed a course of action should a deposit be agreed.

Dubai Weight Loss Clinics Directory

Dubai Weight Loss Directory – Weight Loss & Diet in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Weight Loss & Diet Directory is where you find all the resources you need to help you get into the greatest shape of your life. The best way to ensure that you live a healthy and prosperous life is to be in control of your physical well being. A healthy lifestyle plan includes eating right, lifting weights, and cardio exercise. Follow a few simple rules and you can go from Fat to Fit and start living your best life … Get fit Dubai! Dubai Weight Loss & Diet Directory is a website dedicated to helping you to lose weight.

You will find diets and exercise information, weight loss articles and a full service directory covering Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Find Body Sculpting, Cellulite Treatment, Naturopaths, Weight loss Programs, Weight loss Retreats and Weight loss Surgery. Finding Weight loss Programs across Dubai specialising in weight loss and improved health is quick and easy with Dubai Weight Loss & Diet Directory.

Dubai Spas Directory

Dubai Spas Directory: Find the Best Spa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai spa directory helps you can find all the best spas in Dubai. Contact information, photos, opening hours, description, location, directions and a full list of spa treatments in Dubai, UAE. Wellness is a serious pursuit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, so it’s little wonder the Dubai is home to an unusually high number of exceptional health and beauty spas and wellness centers. Whether you desire an afternoon’s pampering or a weeklong rejuvenation retreat, you’ll find your bliss here.

Dubai Medical and Healthcare Directory – Your gateway to the health industry

The Dubai Medical and Healthcare Directory is a portal, built to provide a gateway to the health industry. Our vision is to include information about every health industry participant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Medical and Healthcare Directory connects health services and health professionals with potential patients and clients. It features a directory of medical specialists. Health professionals can communicate detailed information about their qualifications and special interest, enabling users to search for these.

The suppliers and resources directory for the health industry is a tool that offers effective dissemination of B2B information to industry participants. Businesses can reach highly targeted audiences with ease and at low cost. Health services and professionals can find dedicated suppliers who understand the industry.

User Benefits

  • Empowers consumers to have a bigger role in managing their health.
  • Health industry-specific content – reduces information overload.
  • Easy navigation – users can access B2C and B2B information organised under meaningful categories.
  • Search options match user needs – users can search a category by name, keywords, postcode, postcode radius and suburb.
  • Potential saving of time and money.

Advertiser Benefits

  • Targeted communication – advertisers can reach specific audiences.
  • Search engine optimised exposure – directory content is positioned to attract relevant users rather than random hits.
  • Free and paid advertising options – cost-effective advertising without barriers to participation.
  • Channelling traffic to the advertiser’s website – a link is included in all advertising options.
  • Advertiser self-service access keeps information up-to-date – advertisers can edit online any time in line with their changing marketing needs, campaigns and special offers.
  • Power to attract more visitors to advertiser listings and websites as a result of:

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